9 days, 40 riders, 733 miles, ONE Mission:Bring three families home from three communities affected by disaster

New Orleans

To date, St. Bernard Project has rebuilt over 500 homes in the greater New Orleans area. But the work isn't finished. Their waiting list is over 100. Let's finish the job in New Orleans!

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Working in cooperation with other local non-profits and with the help and guidance from the folks at St. Bernard Project, Rebuild Joplin has already brought a number of families home - let's keep going!

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New York/New Jersey

St. Bernard Project and Rebuild Joplin are now partnering with local organizations in New York and New Jersey to get the rebuilding job underway after Superstorm Sandy - time to get moving!

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Who We Ride For

St. BernardProject
We BuildNew York

Friends ofRockaway
Tunnel toTowers Foundation

Our Goals

We want this tour to make an impact in these hard hit areas. To that end, we intend to:

  • Raise a net of $150,000 for the charities
  • Help to bring at least one family home from each of these impacted areas
  • Spread the word about the work that still needs to be done
  • Educate about the work that St. Bernard Project is doing to create a Disaster Recovery Lab model
  • If successful, have another ride next year!